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Read our last success story to learn more about how we are helping creators promote directly to influencers, curators, and experts. We have another story for you along with powerful music from great artists.

Expanding An Audience

The Glitch Mob are renowned as pioneers of the glitch-hop music genre, but their sound spans far beyond one flavor. The trio’s range and outstanding production - combined with their innovative live performances, have established them firmly as leaders in the electronic beat scene. 

Their newest album Love Death Immortality was released on February 11th. Fluence was honored to be chosen to help promote it to our community of curators, influencers, and experts.

On February 11th, Modala Media, the digital agency that manages The Glitch Mob’s online marketing strategy, submitted the Glitch Mob’s single ‘Mind of a Beast’ to Fluence for free. Modala also chose to send the track directly to the audition queues of 7 influencers to increase awareness, get feedback and potentially convert powerful new evangelists for the band’s music.

Influencers set their own price-per-minute rates on Fluence. Based on the length of ‘Mind of a Beast,’ the maximum total cost Modala would have paid for all 7 influencers to listen to the entire track was $117.39.

Two weeks later, all influencers and curators had auditioned the track for a total of $88.16, with 7/7 ‘Liking’ it, while paid The Glitch Mob the highest compliment by sharing it with their social network audiences or professional connections. The result was a massive snowball effect, with 20+ Retweets, and 30+ Favorites reaching a potential 1.154+ million people on Twitter alone. Take a look at some highlights from the influencers and curators who auditioned ‘Mind of a Beast’:

Brian Hazard - Mastering Engineer / Recording Artist

You tricked me into thinking it was going to be a piano-based track! Great opening build. It’s amazing there’s room in that heavy mix for such a thin lead melody, but it works, and contributes to the massive overall sound. This is a really nice progression on your established sound, which I recognized immediately. Love the breakdown around 2:45. Aww yeah, here it comes! BOOM. And then you take the arrangement further with the thick chords and arpeggio, when all I was expecting was the main vamp again. NICE! You’ll hear nothing negative (or constructive, for that matter) from me! It’s fantastic. Really looking forward to the album!

Sahpreem King -  Music Industry Book Author | Music Business Educator | Multi-Platinum Music Producer/DJ | Filmmaker:

Did that just happen? In 4 minutes and 11 seconds, I became a GLITCH MOB FAN! Wow, this song has got EDM festivals and major motion picture placement written all over it. Stellar production and arrangement! The melody was so catchy; I may have to seek medical attention to remove it from my head. I was completely blown away and I believe music supervisors and concert promoters will be too. The Glitch Mob has taken me on an intergalactic journey into my subconscious and the ride was phenomenal. I especially loved the surreal imagery of the video with the face submerged in water…sheer genius. I would love to hear more of their work and share it with my tribe of artists and other music business pros.

Valida Carroll - ON-AIR HOST, 89.9 KCRW // Desert Nights at The Standard, Hollywood Talent Coordinator

"Epic. I love everything about this…The music, the video…Great!"

Taylor Barnes - Editor @ Magnetic Magazine

This track is extremely well produced. The Glitch Mob has spent a long time working on this album and it shows. This fast paced drum and bass style is definitely a departure from the overall sound of their previous album ‘Drink the Sea’ which had a more downtempo feel to it. I really like the way this piece gradually evolves and small nuances and elements are gradually introduced, such as the synthesized pad sound that’s introduced around 1:50.

Robert Duffy - A&R / BitCandy.com Top Curator

Hey guys. We’re loving the new track, dark, sick & as the kids say.. dope! This went straight on to our EDM post which will be live next week over at Bitcandy.com. Thanks for sharing and we look forward to the forthcoming album, “Mind of a Beast” is a gnarly opener! Regards /Duffy

The Glitch Mob’s album success has since skyrocketed over the past couple weeks with well over 22,000 albums scanned, and recently landing the #1 position on Billboard’s Dance / Electronic album chart.


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There’s simply no better closer than ‘Can’t Kill Us’, so if you haven’t yet had the opportunity, turn up the volume and enjoy this massive sonic experience from The Glitch Mob.

Header Image via The Glitch Mob